The Libyan Prime Minister an Alabamian?

Taking a step away from the theoretical background of international communications and jumping into some of the international issues of today, I find myself drawn to discussing the events occurring in Libya.  Just a week ago, a United States Ambassador (Christopher Stevens) and several other United States officials were killed by an assault on the United States Embassy in Libya by a group of Muslim radicals. Despite the United States’ claim of a Anti-Islamic film (produced in the United States) sparking the attack; protests and demonstrations against the United States and Israel have overtaken North Africa and parts of the Middle East.  What ever the exact cause of the Embassy attack or the breakout protests, new political leaders are stepping up in Libya.

Amidst the turmoil and uprising, the General National Congress of Libya elected Mustafa Abushagur as Prime Minister of Libya.  My interest in Dr. Abushagur’s recent appointment as the Prime Minister, comes from his days as a Professor at the University of Alabama in Huntsville (My Hometown).  During the mid-1980s until late 1990’s his family resided in Huntsville as he helped develop the optical engineering program at the University.  It was only until the Revolution of last year that Abushagur returned to Libya to participate in removing Moammar Gaddafi and instituting a new regime.

Despite the unfortunate timing of Dr. Abushagur stepping into the Prime Minister role less than 24 hours after the attack on the United States Embassy.  He represents the new path for Libya.  Electing a highly “Westernized” individual with strong ties to the United States.  I am not here to state Dr. Abushagur is absolutely reflective of “American culture” and his previous work in the United States dictating his future political decisions, but I would like to leave this post open-ended to toss out thoughts on the recent appointment.

How do you think the Libyan people will respond to the election of Dr. Abushagur, considering his background? What is the American response to the election of Dr. Abushagur? Despite the desire of many to stabilize Libya, will the Islamic extremists stir up additional conflicts refuting the new appointment? I’ll just wait to see the responses of the Libyan people and how the country steps forward into 2013.