“Now Class” … Let’s Wrap it Up!

So all of this ‘stuff’ we’ve been talking about over the semester … what does it mean? In essence the topics covered in class from IR theory to public diplomacy to globalization to network building to development and nationalism are all influenced by the communication, political, technological, and cultural elements constructing the field of International Communications. With any hope, understanding the framing of stories, association between networks, integration of media platforms, NWICO failures, use of media for nation and state-building, and the spread of media to remote regions of the world will better equip us, students in the SIS program to interact in this globalize world. Moreover the readings providing insight into this interdisciplinary field, coupled with the class discussions help to supplement our understanding of International Communications. Through this holistic approach to the field of International Communications, we can go forth from the class, cognizant of complex and diverse elements interacting in the global environment to be trailblazers defining the future of international communication sphere.


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